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    Our security packages ensure that you feel safe and secure in your home.

    We offer high-quality security services at affordable prices

    We believe in reliable, local protection. We’ve been protecting homes and businesses across America since 1992. Our company is staffed with dedicated professionals who live in the communities they serve- perhaps even in your neighborhood.
    • Arm/Disram your home security system
    • Live Video monitoring
    • Access from anywhere
    • View security alerts / notification

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    Our Packages Pricing for Security System

    Residential Security
    $560.00 $24.00 Monitoring month
    • Wireless home security system
    • Home and yard
    • 24/7 alarm monitoring
    • Mobile App
    • Wireless Internal siren

    Commercial Security
    $34.95 monitoring month
    • Wireless Commercial Security system
    • 24/7 alarm monitoring
    • Mobile App
    • Wireless Internal and external siren

    Customized Security
    $Call month
    • Wireless Security system
    • Custom premises
    • 24/7 alarm monitoring
    • Mobile App
    • Video Monitoring
    • Motion, Entry Detection
    • Internal and external siren